Ege Translations provides a wide range of English / Turkish translation services to companies and individuals in the areas of law, education, finance, trade, medicine etc. Translations can be notarised and legalised to meet your exact requirements..




As notary certified translators, we can help individuals and businesses by translating a variety of documents from Turkish to English and from English to Turkish language.

Authorised / Notarized Translations

Legally binding translation services rendered and duly signed by professional translatr certified from notaries. Being a notary certified translator also refers the responsibility and obligation to keep confidentiality of customers. Moreover, being a certified translation office also means existance of a natural 'confidentiality agreement' between us and our customers as many customers are competitors to each other operating in the same sector.

Legal Translations

Legal and commercial agreements, court decisions, powers of attorney, address investigation requests etc.

Technical Translation

Industrial translations and administrative specification, all types of machinery, appliences, equipment user guides, catalogues, quality documents, feasibility reports, patent files/standardisation documents etc.

Medical Translations

Medicine, pharmacy, pharmacological reports, user guides of medical devices, pharmaceutical factories, firms operating in biomedical engineering and diagnostics sectors, hospital reports etc.

Commercial Translations

Professional translation servies provided in the areas of commercial agreements, distributorship agreements, international agreements, contracts, banking, financing, commercial offers, documents, tenders, researches, commercial correspondence etc.

Financial Translations

Annual reports, banking reports, investment and marketing translations, policies, economic questionaires, capital equity surveys, profit/loss analysis, insurance policies etc.

Academic Translations

Üniversitesinde yayınlanan akademik makaleler, tezler, ödevler, araştırma projeleri ve sunumlar konusunda ihtiyaç duyacağınız her türlü çalışma için sizlere yardımcı olmaya hazırız.

Web Page Translations

This service can help you to reach new customers and increase your we presence through website localisation.

Consecutive Translations

It is an interpretation service which does not require any technical equipment as the interpreter interprets after the speaker pauses.


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